Sun Ji

Co-Founder / Director / Producer

Tan Jun Yuan

Co-Founder / Writer / Director

CHarles He

Co-Founder / Cinematographer / Director


Director / Assistant Director / Writer

Guangfilms is a collective of night owls who works only in the night. During the day, you can either find them at home, snuggled comfortably under their blankets, or in the office snoring on the sofa bed.

Founded by a gamer, foodie and a car enthusiast, the trio has one thing in common, their love for Storytelling.

The gamer loves to make his audiences cry while the foodie enjoys making his audiences tear from laughter. The car enthusiast... he loves questioning rhetorical questions and the lecturers in school used to hate him.

Having come from very different backgrounds, it has given the trio a vast range of life experiences to tap on when it comes to storytelling.

When they were asked why Guangfilms was started, this was their response:

“Guangfilms exists to bring out the values beyond stories.”

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