M1 x Samsung - Flying Kick

First things first, a big shout out to Viddsee Team especially Kenny and Yumi for this. Thank you for entrusting me with this project.

When the brief came over, immediately I was wrecking my brain on how to turn it into something fun and unique. Something that would both serve its purpose and entertain the audience at the same time. And here is! A 9:16 vertical video!

But here comes the challenge, how do I convince my team and Viddsee? And would the clients even  “swallow” this big idea of mine? So, I turn to… Research! I dug up relevant vertical videos on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms that you could name. To my surprise, there is already a few videos out there in the market.

With all these, I approached my team about it and guess it went better than I expected, I guess?

If it ain’t crazy, it ain’t Jun Yuan I guess?

Went to give Kenny (Viddsee) a call, 100% support 100% bro moment (Thanks Kenny!), thus begins my development on this particular style of video.

Well, I guess you can say I have the luck of an Irishman. Upon entering the meeting room, the M1 team that was in charge of this project are as young as us!

And what is one thing that millennials can’t live without? Social Media!  They absorbed the idea faster than I can say! “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!”. The meeting with the client went better than expected.

Nearing the shoot, Charles got a beastgrip for the phone and the rest is history... Not! Did a few tests with the mount and it really surprise all of us with its capability? Those of you who are looking at doing a shoot with phone, do check out beastgrip, it might just save your life! *Not sponsored*

If you think the challenge ends here… FAT HOPE! We then have to go on and ingest the “raw files” generated by shooting with “Filmic Pro” and then proceed on to the usual offline cut. When the cut is locked, Amos (our editor) then carried on the effects such as, “instagram interface, samsung interface, etc.” Afterwhich, colour and export. Tedious huh?!

We might try to dedicate a blog on the post process of this project ;)

So here’s a myth buster! Don’t ever think the simpler the camera, the simpler the whole production process is!

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to my crew and my two lovely cast, Danielle and Jannassa. The shoot is such a breeze with you guys by my side. Look forward to more shoots like this <3

P.S I did not get any free Samsung phone in case anyone is wondering.

Your Dear Director,
Tan Jun Yuan.

Here’s a photo from our recce! Our big boss, Sun Ji trying to impress us with his flying kick. (Maxi would sure laugh at this).

Here’s a photo from our recce! Our big boss, Sun Ji trying to impress us with his flying kick. (Maxi would sure laugh at this).

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