Charles He

He Zhen Liang, Charles

Co-Founder / Cinematographer / Director

Charles was first introduced to the world of film-making in church as a visual effects artist. His love for post-production got him into a film-making course during his tertiary years.

In school, he found his passion for visual storytelling when Sun Ji asked him to shoot a short film for him, “点 Dot” which was nominated for “Best Directing” in ciNE65 2013. Fascinated by how he could affect audiences through a silver screen, he went on to write stories that questions social issues and moral values.

His debut as a writer / cinematographer during his thesis film has clinched him various medals at Crowbar Awards 2014 and Silver Award at New York Festival 2015. He then went on to shoot “Take Me Away” which won best film for mm2 Movie Maker Awards 2016. A year later, he was one of the few selected to attend Asian Film Academy 2017.

Since then, he have shot a number of films and commercials which includes brands like Prudential, UOB, HP, Canon and Razer , etc.

(The Car Enthusiast)